Better Birth:
A Series of Masterclasses equipping Pregnant Women, People &
Birthworkers for Better Birth

Better Birth Masterclass:
Advocacy 101



May 14th, 10am


90 minutes


Have you ever said the words "I don't advocate for you, I empower you to advocate for yourself"?


Did your doula training teach you that advocating for a client was 'out of scope'?


Do you believe that advocating for your client or yourself involves aggression, conflict and tension?


I'm here to call BS on all of it.


Calling birth workers and birth nerds alike.. join me for the next 

Better Birth Masterclass: ADVOCACY 101.


There's a way to advocate for your client (or patient, or friend, or partner, or sister) without feeling awkward, like you're stirring up trouble, like you're being a people pleaser, or like you don't know what to say or do. It takes knowledge, practice, confidence, and ovaries.


>>this live class will be recorded, and replay will be available if you can't make the live<<​​


What we will cover:


What is advocacy? 3 types, principles, common misconceptions

What is the purpose of advocacy?

Why do we need advocacy in the Australian maternity system?

What are we advocating for?

What human rights is advocacy grounded in?

How can advocacy lead to better birth?

How do you do​ advocacy? (let's learn!)

What is 'doula scope', how has advocacy been sidelined, and what role do you play?

Considering context

Troubleshooting sticky situations

Self care as an advocate



To Better Birth!

Karli x

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Better Birth: Masterclass Series One

"I finally watched this zoom after missing it on the day. I just wanted to say thank you as I've learned so much from you about consent and hospital policy. I'm not currently pregnant but feel I am much more aware going into choosing my future care provider."

- Brooke

"I was yelling in agreeable and passion at my laptop the entire time! Feel like I’ve got a bomb underneath me now and a better idea in how I can support my birthing families."

- Toni Thompson

"I feel educated to make decisions, empowered to use my voice, and ready to expect better!"

- Tilly

"This really affirmed that I'm not crazy to believe what I believe"

- Rebecca

Series One of Better Birth was taught live via zoom throughout February - March 2022.
The zoom replays are available to purchase in a bundle, and you will receive lifelong access to a webpage with all 3 Masterclasses, plus resources, to watch and learn at your leisure.

Masterclass #1:
Informed Consent

Masterclass #2:
Hospital Policy is Not Law

Masterclass #3:
The Last Month of Pregnancy

All three Masterclasses: $99


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subject line "Thank you for your order".

This is your instructions to access the Masterclass Series.

This first series of masterclasses were designed together, to prepare you (or your client) for birthing in the maternity system - particularly in the final weeks of pregnancy and on the birth-day. 

Here's a little description of each:

Masterclass #1: Informed Consent

⚠️INFORMED CONSENT: It's the #1 human right violated in childbirth in Australia⚠️

And for this reason, the very first class of my Better Birth Masterclass Series. It really is the foundation to understanding how to have a better birth in the hospital system. When we know what our rights are, we can demand them, participate more and more confidently, and take back our power and authority.

💥In this Masterclass, we deep-dive into what Informed Consent is,
💥what it looks and sounds like,
💥why it's important,
💥how to speak with care providers in a way that you give it (or refuse it!),
💥and more.

✅You'll leave with a thorough understanding of how necessary this is, and feeling capable of having conversations that centre you as the authority and decision maker over your body and your baby.

Masterclass #2: Hospital Policy is Not Law

97% of Australian women and birth givers are birthing in the hospital system. We know we need access to publicly funded homebirth, more group midwifery practice, care providers working under a human rights framework, heck a whole system operating on a human rights framework would also be really good - we know we need a complete overhaul (aka burn it to the ground and start again right?!)

💥We need a system that protects and respects human rights and birthing rites.

💛BUT you're birthing sooner than this is going to happen. You’re birthing amidst this time of great change and upheaval and changing rules from week to week and it’s all a bit much, isn’t it. So this is for YOU.

The second class in the Better Birth masterclass series is all about understanding how maternity units interact with YOU, the birthing mama, and how to go with your own flow instead of being battered about by the storm of policy and guidelines.

We deep-dive into hospital policies (and what the actual law says about them), how to interact with them, how to discern what applies to your unique situation and how to converse with care providers about it. We'll talk extensively about how decisions you make in pregnancy have potential to put you on course with different policies when it comes time to birth. I’ll direct you to some great evidence resources to make your own decisions. Evidence is just part of it though - you’ll also need to use your intuition and instinct when interacting with these policies and guidelines (and birthing!) so we’ll chat about that too. You'll be prepared with tools to go with your own flow, rather than the flow-chart of hospital labour management. It’s about tuning out the noise, so you can tune inward.

Masterclass #3: The Last Month of Pregnacy

You've been coasting along for 36 weeks and suddenly you're hit with -

Big baby
Small Baby
Small pelvis
Your OB's holiday
Public holidays (...induction)
Growth Scans

and you're left wondering, what on earth is happening? 
In this masterclass, I share about the challenges you're likely to come across in these final weeks - as well as what each means for the birth you're preparing for, and how to navigate the unknown.
Finally, we end on a hopeful note, encouraging you to drop in and spend time with your intuition and your baby, so that you know truly what's best for you.

Here's to a Better Birth,
Karli x