Needing some direction to help you access your intuition when considering the logistics of giving birth, and bust through any fears lurking around?


Wanting to tap deeper into one of the most human experiences you’ll ever have?


Feeling like you need someone in your corner during birth, to remind you of your ability?

To ground you back into your vision when you feel like throwing it all in?

To hold your hair back in those tough moments?


Needing guidance to help you go with your flow, and embrace your fierce, powerful, beautiful birthing self?


Want to actually enjoy yourself in the process?


If you answered hell yes to all of the above, then I could very well be the doula for you.

And you could very well be the client of my dreams.

So, you're pregnant!


Doula Offerings

If you already know you need me in your life - scroll to the bottom of this page to download my offerings Menu. Then get in touch a.s.a.p to secure a limited place in my calendar!

I am your one stop shop. I am with you from pregnancy, through to birth and postpartum. The whole way. I am a full spectrum doula.

I offer tailored experiences that will prepare you to birth your way, understand evidence whilst grounding in your intuition, connect you with undeniable autonomy over your body, and guide you to grasp the fullness of your rights in the birth space. It doesn’t end here though. You are approaching one of the biggest shifts of your life. You need a little sanctuary to unfold in. You need your people to know what you need. You need to soak in the softness of your changed body (and heart, which now also exists outside of your body). And you definitely need food. Lots of food.

Prenatal meet ups

We’ll get to know eachother, because chances are you will be naked (in many ways) in front of me and will want to be sure that I’m Your Person (the Christina Yang to your Meredith Grey, if you will).


We’ll work through all things fear-busting, care provider options, physiology of birth, birth planning, clever and feel-good tactics to support you as you get this baby out of your body (however that happens), transforming pain into power, and prepping your post-birth sanctuary so that you can look forward to putting your feet up, and keeping them there.  And so, so much more. 


Being in the thick of it with you at your birth

As you fiercely and powerfully and beautifully embrace the intensity and the marathon and

the holy-shit moments (I am literally tearing up thinking about how amazing you’re going to be). I'll have my bag of tricks on standby, but by this point you'll know that everything you need to do this, you already have within you. And there will be a feast to follow - because no one recovers from a marathon with tea and toast.

Postpartum support

Ok actually it’s where I help you breathe through the shit-fight your hormones will be having as you move from being pregnant to not-pregnant and

what just happened and all the who-even-am-I feels.


It’s where I look after you, so you can look after your baby. I have some special things in store tailored just for you including expert breastfeeding consultant in-person support, birth debriefing, space-holding, house-beautifying, luxurious massage, a myotherapist to assess your pelvic function post-birth, baby wearing and cloth nappy guidance, organic meals prepared for an entire week, copious snacks, tissue and coffee bearer, and so much more.


You may also like to use my time to clean your fridge magnets. Whatever you need, I’ve got you. 

This is where I lavish you with grapes and palm frons as you lay poolside

basking in the glory of what you just accomplished.

Karli Smith Doula


Including a #1 recommended book to support you through this transition in all aspects of your life long after I’m gone (your body, mind, spirit, relationships), access to Amberley Harris' breastfeeding support video series, herbal goods to support your wellbeing, a birth mandala, mother blessing rituals, your favourite things, copious amounts of food and a whole lotta love. 

Our service to humanity together

 Because I value generosity and kindness and I know you do too - your investment includes a donation to Birth for Humankind, who provide a doula, maternal health education and social support for vulnerable women in Melbourne navigating the birthing system. I then personally match this donation, so your impact is doubled. Our time together doesn’t just benefit you and your ridiculously adorable little family, but other women and babies too.  

 I love that about us.

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