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"Karli helped me unearth a strength that in all my days I will never forget exists within me. Working with her enabled my cup to be filled to overflowing and for my daughter and I
to have a beautiful, beautiful birth." - Emily

I'm Karli, your Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Doula.

I work with women to offer an intuitive, empowering, educational, fun(!) and comprehensive in-person and virtual doula support experiences that will prepare you to birth your way, transform pain into power, understand evidence whilst grounding in your intuition, connect you with undeniable autonomy over your body, navigate the maternity system and guide you to grasp the fullness of your rights in the birth space. That brings you back home to yourself, your body, and your innate-wonder as you enter motherhood.

The in-person doula experience is for you if you reside within 45 minutes of Dromana, MorningtonPeninsula.

If you're outside of this zone, hop on over here for plenty of ways we can still work together for

your fierce, powerful & beautiful birth!


You are approaching one of the biggest shifts of your life. I'm here to provide a safe space for you to unpack your thoughts and feels around undertaking the rite of passage of birth, and entry (or re-entry!) into motherhood. To help you find ways to honour yourself through the transition. To soundboard with, to get to the bottom of things with, to help make decisions with. Someone who cares about you and your wellbeing, and who trusts that you know what's right for you and your baby.

I'll walk beside you from pregnancy,

through to birth and your early postpartum.

Cheering you on, opening space for you to explore options, dig deeper, think bigger, dream big,

always encouraging you to come back to yourself and what you already know within.



"Karli was my safe space. After a difficult first birth where I felt out of control, I knew I needed something different for my second birth. Karli was such a beautiful, confident & knowledgeable part of our birthing team. It’s not just about birth prep and postpartum care/ ticking the boxes with Karli, it was so so much more, going deeper, dreaming, planning." - Annie

We spend lots of time in your pregnancy developing our relationship, and preparing for the
transformative experience of childbirth and new motherhood. 

Here's a little, non-exhaustive taste of what we can also
generally explore together during our birth preparation time, plus more:

Karli Smith Doula_edited.jpg
  • Understanding your Birth Philosophy, exploring birth location options and choosing care providers to match

  • Understanding the Australian maternity system - how and who it's designed for, how to interact with it

  • Advocacy - a 'how to' for yourself and your baby in pregnancy, birth and beyond

  • Unpacking your Red Thread, your experience and upbringing around menstruation, birth, femininity and how that comes to fruition at this time

  • Exploring early thoughts and fears, unpacking and releasing them as we go

  • Developing practices to experience joy in your pregnancy, bringing this into your birth and early postpartum


  • Human Rights in Childbirth - what rights do you have?  How can we make sure they're respected and protected?

  • Debriefing previous births

  • Bodily autonomy and transforming Pain into Power

  • Birth Education - independent birth education content including physiological birth, hormonal interplay, feedback mechanisms, labour management techniques, partner support role play, exploring love languages, a full run down on hospital interventions, birth mapping and planning, advocating in hospital

  • Strategies and tools for advocacy and protecting your birth space in hospital

  • Letting go of your thinking mind, to flex your intuition for birth

  • Cultivating your birth space if homebirthing

  • Birth Attendance (I already have goosebumps!), physical in person support


Karli Smith Doula
  • Preparing your postpartum sanctuary - from surviving to thriving - resource planning, building your 'village', making sure you are looked after (not just baby!)

  • Preparing to Breastfeed

  • Protecting the mother-baby unit

  • Understanding newborn biology, how to protect it, how to support yourself when responding to your baby's needs

  • Newborn sleep and feeding expectations

  • Matrescence - your transition from Maiden to Mother

  • Small rituals to mark your entry (or re-entry) into motherhood, and lots of celebrating of you!


BRANDING Karli-39_websize.jpg

"In Karli you have someone who will help you advocate for your rights in birth and who knows what they are, inside and out, so that you don’t have to hold all of that and can just BE, you and your baby, in birth." - Em

In-person Birth & Postpartum Doula Offerings 

The Standard

What's included -

Phone, email and text support throughout your pregnancy
& early postpartum

Access to The Hospital Birth Course

4 in-person pre-natal sessions, including extensive
birth education and preparation

Attendance and support at your labour and birth

3 hour post-birth visit for debriefing and support as needed


payment plans available.

The Mini

What's included* -

Phone, email and text support throughout your pregnancy

2 in-person birth preparation sessions

Attendance and support at your labour and birth

2 hour post-birth visit for debriefing


*Can only be booked from 34 weeks gestation,
by availability only. A last minute option!

Note: no postpartum planning or support included in this package

What's included -

Phone, email and text support throughout your pregnancy
& early postpartum

Access to The Hospital Birth Course

14 hours of in-person birth and postpartum preparation,
including hosting your Mother Blessing

Attendance and support at your
Labour and Birth

6 hours of in-person postpartum support, and Closing Ceremony,
to bring our time together to an end.


payment plans available

Let's Birth, Baby

(deluxe! perfect for pee-on-a-stick-pregnant,

a full year of support)

What's included* -

Phone, email and text support throughout your pregnancy
& early postpartum

Access to The Hospital Birth Course

9 hours of in-person birth and postpartum preparation

9 hours of in-person postpartum support,
to bring our time together to a close.


payment plans available
Please note that this package does not include birth support

Just for You, Mama


You see,
Birth matters.
You matter.
Birth is fierce.

And if this all sounds like what you are imagining for yourself, get in touch below to enquire about availability.

I can't wait to hear from you.
Let's chat!

Thanks for your message! I'll respond within 24 hours x

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