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Love letters from some of my beautiful clients, who I have the absolute honour to witness as they become and

re-become mothers and parents



From Amy, mama to Viviana

"Having Karli by my side during one of the most incredible moments of my life made it all the more wonderful. She goes above and beyond and pours her heart into everything she does.  Yes, she was our doula, but in my eyes she was so much more.


She has so much to give and I couldn't recommend her highly enough to be there by your side, holding your hand as you prepare to meet your little one. Plus, she also gives the BEST hugs!"

From Romy, mama to Billy

"I haven't really put it into words out loud or even on paper how having Karli right next to me, encouraging me, being still, being loud, making me feel at ease, feeding me all the watermelon, hydrating me, telling me my body is ready, I could keep going, that I was strong and most importantly that it was safe for me to be vulnerable and do what my body was made to do - birth, has made me feel...

Only meeting her a few short months ago, in the midst of having just moved house and all the chaos with private midwives, she feels like family. I can't even think of what my birth with Billy would have looked like without her, the support she gave/gives Tommy and I is/was indescribable!

My postpartum journey was important to me, to be still and to let myself heal, she has come in and cleaned, cooked - fed us, entertained Poppy, listened to me - really listened, and just chat about everything and anything. Will forever be grateful for the total love and support from this amazing woman. We love you!"

From Georgie and Andrew, parents to Elio

"Karli is the best investment we have ever made. I am beyond grateful for all the birth educating, fear unpacking, appointment debriefing, cheerleading for our rights and accomplishments and hugs from this amazing woman.


Karli provided so much support not just for me but also my husband pre, during and post the labour which is so important for everyone to understand their role and needs for the birth and postpartum which in western culture is often overlooked. 

Karli will always hold a special place in our hearts as she helped our little man come into the world, something I do not think I would have been able to do physically or mentally without her support."

Karli Smith Doula _ Melbourne Doula

From Emily, mama to Harriet

"When I fell pregnant with my daughter I knew I wanted a doula this time around. After what seemed like an unnecessarily overly medicalised first birth I was left questioning what had happened and how the medical system I had put so much faith in had seemed so indifferent. It had been fine, a fine birth and for me, a powerful experience regardless, but something was missing. I was determined to find out what, and this time I was going to have someone who knew birth inside and out in my corner.


Enter Karli..


Going through the doula process with Karli was so much more than I ever expected it to be. It allowed my husband to know exactly how to be there for me on a level that spoke to my soul during birthing, but more importantly for me to have the confidence to be there for MYSELF. Karli helped me unearth a strength that in all my days I will never forget exists within me. Her process enabled my cup to be filled to overflowing and for my daughter and I to have a beautiful, beautiful birth.


They say you never forget the birth of your children but also that day I found a new part of ME was born along with my daughter, a part I will forever hold dear. In moments when things seemed they could go awry it allowed my partner and I to bounce ideas around with someone we knew had only my best interests at heart, and who knew my needs for birthing better than any of my friends or family could, because she had previously asked the right questions.


When medical interventions I didn’t want seemed a possibility, I was able to talk around the subject with someone with a level head, who knew me inside out, and I was able to be confident in my decisions under pressure. Karli’s process actually helped me to learn more about myself. And then once our little ‘Baby Love’ had arrived, there was the postpartum support of someone I felt completely comfortable with, once again who was looking out for ME and my wellbeing while all other eyes were on my wonderful new baby. This really was key to our smooth transition into the world.


If you are considering if a doula is right for you, the answer is yes.. because Karli learns YOU and YOUR needs for birth, and if you don’t know what they are, the questions she asks help you realise what they look like, and this is worth its weight in gold. So give her a call for a chat, like I did. You won’t regret it. It’s not a luxury.. after having gone through the process I know the kind of support Karli offers pregnant, birthing and new mothers is a necessity.


In Karli you have someone who will help you advocate for your rights in birth and who knows what they are, inside and out, so that you don’t have to hold all of that and can just BE, you and your baby, in birth."