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Subject: ICJ Interim Decision & Australia's involvement in genocide



The Honourable Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister

The Honourable Penny Wong, Senator (Minister for Foreign Affairs)

The Honourable Pat Conroy MP (Minister for Defense Industry, Minister for International Development)

The Honourable Richard Marles MP (Minister for Defense)



Dear Senator, Ministers, & Prime Minister Albanese,


As a citizen of Australia, in light of the interim decision of the International Court of Justice regarding Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip (South Africa v Israel), I call upon the Australian government to immediately;


  • Apply serious and sustained diplomatic pressure on Israel and its allies to comply with all provisional measures handed down by the International Court of Justice in South Africa v. Israel

  • Investigate and prosecute any Australia citizen serving in the Israeli Defence Force, who may be complicit in War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, including the crime of Genocide

  • End any and all arms deals with Israel and it's allies in a two-way embargo, including weapons parts, and including arms and arms parts that may pass through additional countries destined for Israel

  • Suspend any and all government supported contracts and defense industry partnerships with arms dealers and multilaterals supplying Israel and its allies with weapons, including publicly funded education institutions and their partnerships with arms traders supplying Israel and its allies, which enable the genocide under investigation by the ICJ

  • Review and suspend economic ties with Israel, ties which enable Israel economically to carry out genocide on the Palestinian people 

  • Apply serious and sustained pressure on Israel and its allies, namely the United States of America, to end the ongoing military aggression toward Palestinians and occupation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank

  • Apply serious and sustained diplomatic pressure on Israel and it's allies for an immediate and sustained ceasefire

  • Apply serious and sustained diplomatic pressure on Israel and it's allies to end the use of prohibited weapons including, but limited to, carpet bombing and white phosphurous, and the practice of collective punishment

  • Call for the protection of civilians with special consideration to children, more than 10,000 of whom have already been murdered by Israel in the latest escalation of hostilities



I remind the Ministers that as a signatory to the Convention and Punishment of Genocide 1948, that Australia has an international legal obligation to uphold the articles therein, and to actively respect, protect and ensure the right to life of Palestinian people, as the ICJ has upheld.


If we fail to carry out the above activities, Australia may be considered at best case complicit in, and at worst case supportive of, the genocide of the Palestinian people as currently being investigated by our highest court, The International Court of Justice.


The citizens of Australia - and indeed the world - are watching and pleading with you to take all immediate effective and sustained actions, within our power, to stop this genocide.



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