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A 6-month Mentorship for Birthworkers

You feel as passionately about human rights in birth as you do birth as a rite of passage. 


You're as concerned as I am that the Power within our birth system sits squarely with the care provider, and not with the woman - where it belongs. And you want to do something about it.


You want to find ways to make sure your passion can be sustained and supported. You don't want to burn out. You want your work - your life's calling - to integrate with your lifestyle more seamlessly. You want to talk dirty about money and keeping your work out of the side-hustle-zone.


You want to reach more women and birthing folk.


You want to feel Powerful within yourself so that the people you work with can see the Power within them too.


You're as gutted as I am that birth intervention rates are rising, satisfaction rates are dropping, and every third woman is experiencing birth as traumatic.


You want to understand more about human rights in childbirth, exactly how they apply, and what to do when they're not respected.


You want to produce communications (website, social media, etc) that reflect you and your unique gifts, not some standardised approach to promoting the benefits of having a doula.


You want better ways to advocate for your clients, no matter where they birth, whether in hospital or at home.


You want to feel supported through difficult interactions.


You want to better understand what the hell is happening in the hospital system, with birth culture in Australia, and where you can make positive change.


You want support to grow, change, shift, expand and find more joy in your business, for the long haul - whether you're just starting out, or 5 years in!


'I can hand on my heart recommend Karli as a shining light working within the maternal health care system. What she does is challenging, and she's stayed the course, supporting women birthing in hospital and at home - bringing with her a depth of human rights and advocacy background." Rachel Rose

"Highly recommend Karli's new mentorship to any doula/birth workers. Karli was my mentor for three months back in 2020 and her support was invaluable" - Steph O'Brien

"This doula powerhouse is offering the most amazing mentorship for other birth workers. I've been lucky enough to call her friend but also to be part of her Team Dreaming program for 6 months with other doulas. She is the real deal, get in this peeps!" Rachel Flack


'Karli is sacred solid ground in a world where the esoteric cannot always solve problems. Bless you Karli!" Rafferty Hallows


"I can't think of anyone better to be guided by. Karli is your go woman with all things advocacy, human rights and just all round being a kind human" Roxanne May



A 6-month Mentorship for Birthworkers

JOIN ME for a 6-month mentorship to explore power, current birth culture and issues, human rights and advocacy, building and running a sustainable and genuine business, unpack the challenges in your work, communicating your offerings and passions,

and how we can ripple our impact beyond the families we work with.


What's in this Mentorship?


6 months

6 Live Masterclasses

6 Hot Seat Live Group Mentoring Calls

Individualised Voxer-based Mentoring Support


That's fortnightly (!) live calls, for 6 months, helping you feel more confident, more capable, more connected, more supported,

more in Your Power so that you can guide others to be in theirs too - wherever you're at in your business.


Plus, personalised mentor support from me, in your back pocket, for 6 months.


Investment: $1800


Limited capacity.




Why work with me?

Attending over 35 births across hospital and home,I've honed my doula hawk-eye and

I'm not afraid to do The Hard Things.

I've grown a community of thousands online.

Started petitions that garnered national media attention and read the stories of hundreds in my inbox.

Achieved policy change for better birth support at my local hospital during the pandemic.

I've taught masterclasses to over 100 upcoming and established doulas.

I've supported over 60 pregnant women in my 1:1 sessions.

I've sustainably grown and tripled my business in 3 years, whilst working from home and

being around for my children.

I've worked with national advocacy networks and sit on the board of Human Rights in Childbirth.

I've mentored over 20 birth and postpartum doulas on one-off and short-term basis, but it's time to go deeper.

I came to birth and postpartum doula work after moving away from my 10 year career in international humanitarian work. My technical background in human rights law very quickly became hyper-relevant when I experienced my own births, and started hearing the stories of women experiencing disrespect and violation of their rights within Australia's 'world class' maternity system.

In 2018 I trained as a birth and postpartum doula with the OG formidable womb warrior Angela Gallo,

and haven't looked back. 

The Nitty Gritty

Across 6 Masterclasses, we build your knowledge. Here are our topics.

  1. Welcome, introductions, and Let's Talk Power. Current State of Affairs situation report

  2. Human Rights and the Maternity System: informed consent, respectful maternity care

  3. Surviving the System as a Birthworker: through hospital, homebirth and freebirth

  4. Drawing in your clients - communications, offerings, social media, doula-client relationships, troubleshooting common challenges

  5. Sustainable Business - operating in your zone of genius, planning offerings, integrating self care, business sustainability

  6. Advocacy and Systemic Change - What is advocacy, how do we advocate for clients, and how to impact change more broadly through collaboration

Over 6 live, hot seat group mentoring calls, we go deep on your doula work, business (including money!), managing on-call life, integrating with mothering and family life, pulling apart the impact you want to have and how to have it, business goals and strategy - this is where we integrate, grow, and turn knowledge into knowing where to go and what to do next. Whilst I have prompts to guide us and guide you with what you're working on, I also bring everything I know about birth and business to our conversations.

Live calls schedule:


All Masterclasses will be a deep dive into hyper relevant topics of our time, designed to build your capability in tangible ways. Our Hot Seat Mentoring calls are open play - an opportunity for us to explore your individual businesses, common issues, joys, frustrations, troubleshooting, mindset, social media, websites, communications, juggling work and family life, money (!) and many of the factors that can set you up to thrive and increase the impact of your work.



All calls will be 60-90 minutes, recorded and made available same day for replay. 

All calls will be on a Monday at 10am. 


Monday Sept 5th, 10am Masterclass: Welcome, Introductions, and Let's Talk Power

Monday Sept 19th, 10am HOT SEAT


Monday October 3rd, 10am Masterclass: Human Rights and the Maternity System

Monday October 17th, 10am HOT SEAT


Monday October 31st, 10am Masterclass: Surviving the System as a Birthworker

Monday November 14th, 10am HOT SEAT


Monday November 28th, 10am Masterclass: Drawing in your Clients

Monday December 12th, 10am HOT SEAT


(little break for festivities!)


Monday January 9th, 10am Masterclass: Sustainable Business

Monday January 23rd, 10am HOT SEAT


Monday February 6th, 10am Masterclass: Advocacy and Systemic Change

Monday February 20th, 10am HOT SEAT 




We know the modern maternity system is working exactly as it's designed.




Imagine if every woman and person walking onto those wards did so knowing that beyond a doubt, they could trust themselves to know what was right for them.




We know they'll still face routine induction bookings from 39 weeks.




Imagine if every woman and person walking onto those wards knew how to decipher what truly applied to them, and what didn't, and had the words to say so.




We know they will still face backlash, senior staff coming in to ask again, policy and guidelines.




Imagine they had people backing them to make the right decision for themselves, instead of their neighbour's cousin telling them to get the damn induction.




Imagine that ever so slightly, with every birth, the power subtly started to shift back into our hands.




It's going to feel like a drop in the ocean.




Imagine that every doula, every birth worker, had the power and strength and kahunas, with every conversation, to reinstate that power to it's rightful place.


My 6-month Mentorship for Birthworkers is called POWER because, quite frankly, the power-over situation

we have here in the system is fked.

Because in order to help women and birthing folk access and embody their power, we have to have done it ourselves.

It's not about feeling 'powerful'. It's about a deep knowing, a bold stillness, a matriarchal vibe that really

claims and reclaims what is ours.

Birth. Is. Ours.

So we will deep dive to get it back. To work with the families we work with to get it back.

And it's going to feel like a drop in the ocean. But the ripples will be felt. And in the rooms and doorways we stand in, we will bring women back to themselves, back to their inner power, just as we stand

there reminding others in the room exactly where the power truly sits.


"You'd be so lucky to have Karli backing you and mentoring you through the doula space.
She's one of a kind and one bloody legend of a human!"
- Claire Eden

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