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Virtual Doula Support

A suite of quick fire, medium-term and whole-pregnancy options for Virtual Doula Support

"After an SOS call to Karli, pregnant with my 2nd and having flashbacks from a traumatic birth, she LISTENED, really listened, and put me at ease straight away. I had an amazing second birth, and I know for a fact, it was due to the preparation and hard work we did together in the lead up."


"I met Karli a few years ago. She had some mad big sister vibes that I really resonated with. I knew she was a staunch advocate and a soft and gentle companion.. she was all that and more."


"It was such a beautiful experience, all our catch ups, you have such a gift and I only wish more people could experience the magic that comes with having a doula."

Amy M

"Thank you for being my overwhelm combatter, for preparing me with info and giving me lots of resources to work with. I felt so supported!"


One-Off Virtual Doula Support

A quick, doula-supported chat for when you have something specific to work through.

Maybe - 

You want to know more about your birthing options, nut out what’s important to you and which model of care aligns with you

You want to run your ‘birth plan/preferences’ past someone

You want to address some fears you have around your upcoming birth

You want to know more about your Human Rights in Birth 

You want to know how to navigate The Maternity System

You want to debrief your birth

You’d like to strategise maintaining your autonomy in hospital

You want some hot tips on managing labour’s functional pain

You want to understand more about hospital policy and guidelines and how they relate to your situation

You want some help making big decisions...

Or anything else pregnancy, birth or postpartum related -

Let's Chat!

.BYO coffee.

The Espresso Shot

45 minute Video Call

The Flat White

90 minute Video Call


"Having Karli in your back pocket is like having a badass big sister. The one that called out your bully’s in primary school, picked you up from that bad date in high school, had your back as you explored your early 20s, pumped you up, held your hand, called you out everytime you doubted yourself and then supported you through your transition from maiden to mother” - Bec Cameron

On-Going Virtual Doula Support

Short term, medium term & whole-pregnancy
Doula Support

This is me in your back pocket, if you live outside of my in-person zone.
I've worked virtually with women from North Melbourne to Sydney to country Australia,

right over to Switzerland and the USA.
The virtual doula experience is just as supportive, just as connected, just as deep, and just as invested.
Imagine the feeling of having dedicated time for you to stop, talk, explore, feel and navigate your way through pregnancy, birth and your transition to Mother -

someone you don't have to think you're being "too much" in front of,
someone who's role it is to listen, hold space, support with resources and education,
and help you develop the confidence to birth your baby, your way, no matter where you are.

Over the course of your chosen time period below (which can apply at any stage or point of your pregnancy/birth/early postpartum period), we work together to explore a whole range of themes, topics, ideas, evidence and research depending on your identified needs, which we establish at the beginning of our time together. I'm also here just to listen, and reflect back to you that you absolutely know what you're doing and what's right for you.

Nonetheless, here are some detailed examples of areas we might explore over on the in-person info page,  which apply equally to our virtual time together!

Most of all, I'm here to remind you of how strong, capable, powerful and knowing you already are.

3 months virtual support
3x 60min video calls
3 hours voxer support



One Trimester

Two Trimesters

6 months virtual support
6x 60min video calls
6 hours voxer support



Three Trimesters

9 months virtual support
9x 60min video calls
9 hours voxer support



*Payment plans available

**Voxer is a free, super easy to use voice and text messaging app, where we keep all our conversations in one place!

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