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Is this you?


Showing up for clients is easy, but you’re having trouble defining & asserting your own supportive boundaries?


You’re new to birth work, and unsure of the possible situations you need to be prepared for?


You’re a seasoned birth worker, and want to implement some super strong practices to avoid some sticky situations you’ve found yourself in, in the past?


Feeling like you’ve had a really sweet run with clients so far, but have a niggling feeling your paperwork and agreements don’t quite have every scenario covered?


Trying to tame a shaken nervous system after being blindsided by client feedback you weren’t expecting?


You can hold space and love on your clients for days - it’s the contracts, expectation management, risk mitigation and boundary setting that trip you up and overwhelm you, and you want to find your sweet spot with it all?


Serving through birth work is hot on your heart, but you’re a little uncomfortable with the biz bits?

Birth Worker Biz Essentials Masterclass Graphic.png

Are you ready to serve your clients confidently and sustainably, with all possible worse case scenarios covered?


Do You Want to Feel Like This?


Supported by solid, sturdy practices within your business that protect you, whilst still being free to show the eff up and serve your beautiful clients?


A nervous system that’s calm, comforted by the knowledge your marketing & communication with your client has clearly conveyed what they can expect from their journey with you?


Capable of navigating the unfortunate, yet possible, situation of a client providing some less-than-perfect feedback or making a complaint about you, in a safe & positive way?


Confident in traversing the ever-changing dynamics of the intimate, and vulnerability-heavy relationship between you and your clients?


Cleared to show up to your full potential, because you know you’ve implemented supportive and safe business structures?

I N T R O D U C I N G . . .

Birth Worker Business Essentials Masterclass

A Practical Guide to Boundary Setting, Risk Management and

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo for new & seasoned birthworkers

WE MEET LIVE on Monday May 29

10am WST / 12pm EST


Get ready to take a deep dive into


✅ How to clearly represent your boundaries & service in your marketing, onboarding and client journey for a seamless relationship


✅ Exploring potential tricky scenarios & how to navigate them with integrity (like negative feedback, complaints, refunds and more)


✅ Insurance, Contracts, Forms and Legal Considerations


✅ How to integrate each client experience to further strengthen your business and amplify your impact


Birth Trauma’s impact on the client-doula relationship, how to pre-empt this and continue to serve your clients confidently and compassionately


✅ The energetic side of having these solid things in place, and how to STILL fully show up wholeheartedly, soulfully and supportively for your clients

Coming from two seasoned birth workers who have served for a combined time of 8 years

(and 80 births!), we know for sure that there are

so many variables in our work that can be difficult to predict.

Relying on working with a Dream Client isn’t enough to mitigate potential tricky situations.


Join Karli + Jessie, two experienced birth workers and business owners, for a unique (I mean, we don’t see anyone else doing this?) masterclass on boundary setting, risk management and legal mumbo-jumbo for new + seasoned birth workers.



So, what do you get?


1.5hr Masterclass on Monday, May 29 at 10am WST/12pm EST

(and everyone gets the replay too!)

Be guided through potential scenarios & essential business implementations to ensure you’ve got a rock solid business to withstand things like emergencies, complaints, negative feedback and refund requests with integrity & fairness.

Plus 30 mins of Q&A 

where you can pick our brains about complexities or scenarios you’re facing


BONUS client onboarding email template

Get super duper clear on the key conversation points to highlight (and revisit) so your client feels safe and sturdy on what to expect through your adventure together


BONUS Video from Jessie, speaking to attending freebirths

Understand key considerations, and protective measures to implement, so you can fully show up and support your incredible freebirth client without fear or resistance


BONUS Video from Karli, speaking to attending hospital births

Understand how showing up during a hospital birth with courage and integrity becomes a core component in your doula-client relationship, and what to do if it doesn’t ‘go to plan’. And, how to protect yourself as a doula-biz-owner in the hospital context


So, are you ready for us to point out your blindspots, so you and your client aren’t blindsided?


We thought so!

Secure your spot in the

Birth Worker Business Essentials Masterclass





You’re a birth doula.

You’re a postpartum doula.

You’re a birthworker of any kind.

You serve people throughout the pregnancy - birth - postpartum continuum.

You’re new at it.

You’re seasoned.

This is your livelihood.

And you run your own business.



Have clear marketing that demonstrates your scope, practices and offerings that leaves little room for misunderstanding or misleading expectations?


Have a strong Contract of Engagement, that protects both you and your client, with clear guidance of what would unfold in a range of possible scenarios?


Dot your i’s and cross your t’s, without your soulful, heartfelt support being limited or restricted?


Confidently communicate with your clients across their whole journey (from potential client, to onboarding, to being within your support…and beyond) so they feel secure in what to expect?


Feel prepared if an unfortunate situation like negative feedback, an emergency or complaint occurs?



Hi, I’m Karli! 

Mama to 2, lover of wit and good fun, wave-rider and sunrise-addict.

I’m a birth & postpartum doula, and human rights activist. I’m really passionate about creating better birth for everyone, everywhere, all the time - and I’m deadset committed to making it happen through working with individual clients and big-scale advocacy. I love working with women and birthing families to explore and experience all things birth.

And, I have to admit, I’ve run into some sticky situations over my years of birth work, with some pretty clear flags and drivers that I’ve learned to identify and mitigate. I think every birth worker should be prepared for the awkward, scary stuff, and I don’t see anyone talking about it - so I’m excited to team up with Jessie to bring this into light.


And I’m Jessie!

A mama of 4, pun lover, saviour of rescue chickens and mad lover of the Spice Girls.

And, I’m a birth-worker and biz mentor, here to soulfully support others in their highest vision of birth.

Over the years, I’ve worked hard to consistently build & strengthen my business.

And for the most part, I’ve been lucky enough to be invited into the journeys of some incredible women and families as they navigate the adventure of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I know this work is where my purpose lies, and I am bat-shit passionate about continuing to show up and serve in this realm!


And, you know what else (probably something you won’t hear many birth workers being transparent about), I’ve also worked with a small minority of humans who weren’t aligned with my values or services. But, my solidified business practices allowed me to steer everyone involved through these situations, resulting in fair outcomes for all.


Birth workers are needed! And in order to keep showing up, we need to have a sustainable business. So I’m here to guide other birth workers to achieving this. And with Karli as my wing-womban, we know this masterclass is going help you!

We’ve been in the birth-biz for a combined time of 8 years, and supported over 80 births between us!


And you know what else?


We’ve had our share our lessons. Some of them were kinda gnarly.


We’ve learnt there is SO much more to it than just thinking a good contract and working with a dream client is enough for everything to stay peachy.


And we’re bringing our lessons to you in this 2 hour, epic masterclass.



Birthing people of the world NEED you.

They need a doula who is passionate, committed and present.


And, in order to be all those things, you need a solid business to support you.


We’ve all heard of birth worker burn out, right?

Well, if you haven’t got your ducks in a row in terms of contracts, boundaries, expectation setting & management and risk mitigation, then you can book yourself a one way ticket to burn out.



Your gifts, guidance, experience and support is meant to be given.

Don’t stifle or sabotage it because you haven’t tied these essential ends up within your business.


Instead, you can thrive within your sustainable business, because you did the work, got some skin in the game, and took care of yourself, your biz and in turn, your clients!

We can’t wait to see you in there!


Karli & Jessie


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