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Karli Smith Doula

Human Rights in Childbirth - Entitled or Entitlements?


With my background in human rights law, it has been really easy (and incredibly disappointing) to see the ways in which human rights are regularly violated during pregnancy and childbirth. It happens so casually and so frequently that if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you’d miss it entirely.

It is that entrenched in modern birth culture.

At the same time, many people know that ‘something doesn’t feel right’ when they’re spoken to a certain way, or pushed into making decisions without all the information.

Think about it. We’ve all heard the stories -

“I didn’t know I could say no”

“They didn’t tell me that”

“Things were done to me and I had no idea until later”

It’s not only not right, but it’s completely illegal.

In the age of Covid lockdown, rights are coming under the microscope even more. In Australia we are seeing families separated, partners denied entry to birth suites, tightened hospital policy and an increase in restrictions on movement - these are all serious rights issues that require addressing through advocacy and policy. Knowing your rights if you're birthing in a lockdown, is essential.


What are Human Rights?

A brief modern history.

Where do they come from?

How do they apply internationally?

How do they apply in Australia?

What are the biggest issues and trends in human rights in childbirth?

What rights do we have in pregnancy and childbirth?

What happens when these rights are restricted?

What do violations sound like?

How can we make sure our rights are respected and protected?

What can we do if they’re not?

There will be plenty of opportunity for interactions, Q&A.

The masterclass will take place virtually via zoom on -


10am Melbourne time

Ticket price: $22

The call will be recorded and emailed to all ticket holders - so if you can't make 10am, not to worry!


Follow this link:

hit ‘send’

***Please enter your email address in the 'add a note' field***

On Friday evening, I will email all ticket holders the zoom link to use for the following day.

Please join me for this interactive, informational and practical session! If you have any questions ahead of time, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Karli x


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