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Team Dreaming:
A Full Day Workshop +

6 months ongoing support for pregnancy, birth and postpartum workers

I want to invite you to my living room.

Sunday January 23, 2022.


For a whole day.

And then online, for 6 more months.


To talk about what you did in 2021 in your pregnancy-birth-postpartum serving biz.


What was hard?

What was easy?

What felt good?

What got derailed?

Where did you feel exhilarated?

Where did you feel exhausted?

What did you do that you didn’t really need to do?

Where were you generous with your time and talents? Where were you toooo generous?
What are you most proud of?


I want to break bread with you and go for a swim with you.


And give you the space to dream big.

Not just mediocre big but like, run the world big. 

Shatter systems big. Cultural shifts big.

B I G.

But Big without hustle and grind.

This isn’t about hustle.

It’s about priorities, practicalities and planning.

One step at a time.

Until you’re on top of the mountain you want to be on.

With a sherpa to guide you there (that’s my bit).


I want to help you plan your business activities and priorities for 2022.

And I want you to have the biggest joy that is a team of dynamic people around you, lifting you up and celebrating you.


What i m p a c t do you want to have?

What’s your dream for this work?

What activities have you been doing, do they align with the impact you want to have?

What activities DO align with the impact you want to have?

Insert 183 post it notes.

Why do you do this work in the first place?

Does it still feel good?

What Good do you wanna do?

What do you want to do more of? less of?

What is the single biggest important piece of work that you do well and love doing, how can you do more of that?

Who do you want to collaborate with?

Where do you want to circulate your money?

What do you want to focus on in February, March, April, May June? Let’s break it down.

What will you outsource?

What support do you need in different areas?

How can we lift you up, be your cheerleaders, your biggest fans?


Let me fan your flames and fan girl on you.


Do you miss not having teammates and colleagues to sound board with, dream and plan with, strategize and gather and celebrate with, too? It was (one of) the best bits about working in an office surrounded by people with the same vision and with the same mission as me. Everyone moving in the same direction.


Solo biz life can feel a bit like you’re out on a limb, on your own, wondering if anyone else cares as deeply about this work as you do.


I asked recently on instagram, and many of you feel the same.

So many of us have felt at mercy of the environment over the past 2 years, like little fish flipping around on the shore trying to get out to sea. Being reactive instead of proactive in our work.


So this is for the badass doulas and birthworkers and women-servers of Melbourne who are serious about disrupting the status quo and putting some oomph into your biz in 2022.


This is about connecting back with WHY you do THIS work, what impact YOU want to have, and HOW exactly you’re gonna make that happen in 2022 through your pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum serving business.

It's not about hustle. It's about intentionally aligning what you're doing, with the change you want to make.


This is about strength in numbers.


Consider this your Team. Your cheerleaders for your business.

Your backers. Your people. Your colleagues, your friends.

Your celebrators when you're hitting strides and your 'you can do this!' when you're not.

With me as Team Leader-Connector-Facilitator.


People you can talk about your work with, troubleshoot and soundboard with, share intel with (hello constantly changing hospital guidelines!), celebrate wins with, navigate challenges with, you know, the technical stuff.

If you’re in and around Melbourne, with a newish or established pregnancy-birth-postpartum biz,

and you consider yourself here to make waves,

this is for you.


We will kick off with an IN PERSON full day of 2021 reflection on your business and our context in Melbourne, then undertake your 2022 business strategy and planning which I will fully guide us throug.



Location: Dromana, Mornington Peninsula (my place!)

Time: 9-5pm 

All materials provided, fully catered

And because one day isn't enough, we'll stay connected for

6 months via

A 24/7 access Private Facebook Group for connection and mentoring

Bi-Monthly Zoom Check-ins 

All facilitated by myself.


Bonus 60min 1:1 call with me with full payment

(payment options available if needed, message me!)


We will continue to set aside time to evaluate, reflect on what’s working and what’s not in our businesses, what’s changing about our context, and how can we adapt to meet new challenges facing the women, birthing peoples and families we serve.

And I'll continue to help you shift, adjust and make sure you're going with your own flow.


I’m REALLY (can you tell) excited to connect IN PERSON to have GREATER IMPACT with you! 



Karli x

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